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Handyman Services, Prescott, AZ - Ronin Handiworx

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We’ll work with whatever materials you have purchased for the job: paint, tile, lights, etc. that you. If there are additional materials needed for your job, there are a couple options:

  • Have us pick up the materials for you for an additional fee.
  • Or our tech can begin work on your project while you do the shopping for any additional materials we need to complete the job.


When you hire us, you and your property are protected. Ronin Handiworx is fully insured for accidental damage.

Handyman Fees: We are a time plus materials company.

Most often, our services are billed at an hourly rate. The benefit you receive is that you only pay for the time required to complete the work. Payment is expected at the completion of work unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. After we leave your home, if you find a problem with the workmanship performed, simply call us and we will return to address the problem.

  • We do have a one-hour minimum charge billed at $30.
  • There is also a minimum $30 trip charge for estimates.
  • Materials purchased by Ronin Handiworx will be added to the invoice.
  • Welding is Billed at $45.00 per hour
  • Construction and Repair Work is Billed at $30.00 per man hour
  • Cleaning, Painting, Yard Work is billed at $25.00 per man hour
  • Apartment Grounds Maintenance is Billed at $25.00 per man hour

Whatever the project is that you need completed, we will work around your schedule and perform quality workmanship to your satisfaction.

Other Fees

Additional charges may be necessary for specialty equipment, waste removal or dump fees depending on the job.

For more information about our fee structure, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer initial phone consultations for large projects and special problems.

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